I Saved The Second Best For Last

I Saved The Second Best For Last

Vanessa Williams and I have a lot in common. We have both been top of our modeling game before we won the Miss America and Miss Canada contests for our respective countries, only to have the titles revoked once Hugh Hefner decided to post some photos of us in his gentleman’s magazine. We both sing sappy love songs for money, and of course we’re both proud black women. It was with that empowerment of the Sistah-hood I took the stage last night.

I could tell the house was a decent size when Matt Romot arrived after the show had finished and said with no hint of irony, “I just got here and ten people were leaving and there’s still people in here. What happened?” My frantic flyering, and the wooing I did with a local Canadian core helped me get the best numbers yet. The other good news is that I had a reviewer in the crowd from Inpress, one of the local Eye/Now-style entertainment mags. Apparently my review comes out Thursday. Just in time for, and you’ll like this, my last show. Wicked timing. What’s not to love?

Today, the day is slightly low rez. Attempted to get a spot at the Exford, but there was no show until wicked late. So I elected to meet up with Kristian Reimer at his venue for a pot or two. Woke up to 100kph winds, and no, that’s not an extra zero. It’s a might blustery. The sad part is that the kite I was flying in the park just now snapped from its string, strafed through a shopping plaza knocking over several Tim-Tam biscuit displays, shearing the hair off of the back of two Australia Workdogs, knocked a koala out of its tree causing serious bodily harm and embedded itself into a British Petrol sign. So, now I’m on the lam.

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