I Know You’ve Supported Me For a Long Time

I Know You’ve Supported Me For a Long Time

So some weird things happened whilst I was in New York City. I found myself there on the back of some contract work for a week helping out with training with my former work. I was able to hang with my buddy Darryl who is not just a bang-up guy, but a wicked foodie. So, the restaurants we hit, and New York has a couple, were wicked awesome. Italian, Thai, Spanish Tapas. Then on Tuesday, we ate…

So while there I figured I should at least try to get some spots if at all possible. Found the first place that was running shows in a place called Charley-O’s which had not only a dedicated comedy room, had the added benefit of being across the street from the hotel. I truly had no excuses. Run by recently self-bobble-headed Angry Bob, I had a chance of getting on stage near the end of the Monday night but it wasn’t to be. The benefit was that I did introduce myself to comic Mike DiCorcia who gave me some heads up on some rooms for Thursday. Once being the Limerick House for an open mic and the other the open mic night at the New York Comedy Club, whose Boca Raton room I’ve already done last year. Looks like my Thursday had a chance to redeem itself since my BOB-FM segment that morning was, if nothing else, a challenge since my phone was about to die, was on a bad connection, and was the first time I met Ali and Chris. Oh, and I stupidly confused “Rick Mercer “ the comedian with “Ben Mercer” the comedian. Well, sure, blame me, but guess who I talk with on a more regular basis and is front of mind. I’ll give you a hint. It ain’t Rick.

So, the Limerick House. If you’re familiar with the Sunday night open mic scene in Toronto, you’ll know what I mean when I say it well combined the worst elements of both the Fox and Fiddle and Ein-Stein’s together at last. The upstairs room had music from the bar below blaring upstairs providing an inadvertent soundtrack to the acts. I think my song was something by Beyoncée. Fitting. Nothing but comics in the room plus new Canadian act trying to make the bored and indifferent comics laugh equals nothing but snickers. So, not a dandy start but completely valid. Off I then went to the New York Comedy Club and got a spot in the club. Last one. At midnight. Performing to four people. Didn’t matter. It was a club and I was going to give them a show. Begging them to stay to watch me, I sold the show like there were forty and not four. I think they liked it as at the very least they didn’t shoot at me. I’ll be looking to get some more spots down there when I’m there at the end of the month so we’ll see what happens. Watch this space.

Things that were way cool in New York:

– The hockey coverage was fantastic given that there are three hockey teams in striking distance. Ended up staying way late wondering how the Islanders would do in Vancouver (short answer: “Not well”). So wired was I after working late, I ended up watching documentaries on 9-11, the space shuttle disasters, and the communication that goes on inside a pod of killer whales as they systematically attack a grey whale and her cub. Great night sleep, that.

– Met comedian Joe Dixon at the Limerick House in this manner:

Joe: Are you from Canada?
tva: Yes.
Joe: Do you know Darryl Purvis?
tva: [stunned pause] He’s in my hockey pool.

Hope to see him again when I’m back down there.

– Special props to Mike DiCorcia for all the help in finding rooms and the like. Looking forward to it.

Couple of post-scripts on this. I’ve got a double-dose of shows on Tuesday. 6:00am and I’ll be on Breakfast Television on City-TV doing a spot with Pirate Radio who helped me get my voice start. I get to pay back the favour and do some voice spots for them while they film the making of a radio ad. I think that’s what’s going on, so I guess we’ll see. If you see me standing there without pants, you’ll know I guessed wrong. Also, Tuesday night I’m at the Rivoli for the SketchCom night doing a Titus Malcolm spot. Titus is my Toronto historian character, so come down and ask some Toronto questions. It’ll be a long day for me as well, so who knows what’ll happen.

I close with this, something my buddy’s reminded me was out there, and just makes me giggle. For those of you who understand it, cool. Don’t fret it if you don’t.

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