I Had It So Much Better

I Had It So Much Better

Went to see Franz Ferdinand for the first time, well, ever. Amazing show, tight tight band. Excellent. Went with two day- job co-workers, one of whom went to school with the band, in particular, Boab, the bass player.

Rumour had it that the band was heading to the Gladstone afterwards to check out “fellow” Glaswegian DJ Twitch who was playing there (“fellow” in quotes as at least half the band are Limeys, atchly), so why not go see them there, we thought. At worst, it’d give our fellow co-worker who knew them the op to see them. We did. Had a good blether with the band and called it a night at close to one in the morning.

So how does this merit reference in a stand-up comedy blog? Easy. Fellow comic Stephen Eyes was tending bar at the Gladstone. There. Bite it.

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