I Do So Love These Monthly Visits

I Do So Love These Monthly Visits

Silly, innit? Who’d have thought HTML would be a deterrent. It’s not. I’m just lazy, I guess. It shouldn’t be this hard to put together a few sentences, should it. Copy. Paste. Good night. Anyway. I suck as an updater and I’ll have to be comfortable with that.

The run lately has been decent to say the least. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to work the Oasis for the first time in close to 10 years. Last time I worked there, it was a room being run by Neil Muscott. Even with the green tags necessary for restaurants now, the Oasis hasn’t changed. The Kleenex I left on top of the toilet tank last time I was there? It was there waiting for me. Glad they didn’t move it.

That said, the night was amazing. Why? Ever see a clown tank? Jillian Thomas runs the room and like June Morrow’s room at the Living Well, she invites stand-ups, sketch acts, clown, anyone really. The night started with a clown that was avant- garde to put it nicely. As the clown put up a clothesline across the stage, hung a condom on it using a clothespin, filled it with shaving cream and had an audience member milk it, Martin O’Brien leaned into me and said “I can’t believe she’s up there stealing your act.” First-to-stage beats first-to-page, I guess. Regardless, had a great time. When I arrived, Jillian ran up to me and asked “You okay to close the show?” I was. I did. I had a lovely time.

Saturday brought me to the Living Well for June Morrow’s Good Humour Bar show hosted by Justin Renwick. I’ve worked with Justin a few times and I like his writing and presence. He was one of the fortunates who also worked with the foam-milking clown on Thursday. In front of a decent crowd of not just comics but also Neil Rhodes’ friends and family, he introduced not me but Titus Malcolm, the old Toronto historian. Had a great time doing him and will have the opportunity to perform him again at the SketchCom show later this month at the Rivoli.

Sunday on a holiday weekend when there’s an Old York show means “Hey, I get to host”. So again I did. Actually had a crowd outside of comics and Megan this time. Surprising. Got the opportunity to introduce friends of mine again which is something I love doing. Decent night and got to try out some new stuff. Nothing that will get me a Comedy Now anytime soon but nothing that will get me punched by audience members. Some more writing to be done.

So, that’s been the smooth? The crunchy? You’ve had the opportunity to miss me five other comics, and no audience hosted by Richard Ryder at the Living Well on a Tuesday where we were berated for not bringing any friends in this city (Note: At the time of writing, Richard Ryder’s friends have yet to show up either). Agree with the sentiment, just needed a better delivery. I hosted Hurricane’s and had someone named Sonia take the stage and scream at the audience “I AM STABLE!!! I AM STABLE!!!” It was at that point that I realized I had dated her for over a year.

Oh, one more thing I was thinking. This website needs a gimmick. So here’s what I’m thinking. I noticed the other day that this site has a Google PageRank of 3/10. Not bad, but I’d like to be half-decent. That is, I’m going to try to get a 5/10 rating by my birthday on September 29th. I’ll see if I can talk my website guy to sort out some flashy text for this endeavour. We’ll keep you posted.

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