I Believe I Lost The Audience When…

I Believe I Lost The Audience When…

Last night’s show was just one shock after another so that I felt like I was being executed at the hands of someone the really didn’t get the hang of how the whole “electric chair” thing actually worked. I hadn’t even left the car and they all started in. Zap. Zap. Zap.

SHOCK 1 – My In-Toronto-Maybe-Once-Or-Twice-A-Year-Up-From-Elizaville-That-I-Didn’t-Know-Were-In-Town pals Jim and Brian accosted me as I was putting my parking sticker in my car. They were up on another theatre junket, saw my name in the Now stating I was hosting at Ein-Stein’s and felt that they needed an evening of questionable entertainment.

SHOCK 2 – They brought along another mutual friend Jill that I’ve not seen in close to ten years. This was going to be a great way for her to see just what I’ve been up to for the past while. Oops.

SHOCK 3 – Ruby makes me sign a waiver. “What for?”, I ask. “PodCast”, he one-word replies. Oh. I should have gone all prima-donna on his ass.

SHOCK 4 – While hosting I had an entire raft of new material that I wanted to perform. Then I saw that Crazy Sonia was on the show. That was going to go out the window I completely had the feeling.

SHOCK 5 – Mike Ross closed the show and almost got into a fight with a Bramptonian who claimed he was from Wales who was approximately half of Mike’s size.

SHOCK 6 – A couple that was hoping to have me perform at their wedding were there to experience tva at his filthiest. Nice.

The show itself was fine. Edgar George opened with the “Hope For A Hundred Bucks” contest that followed where Crazy Sonia starting off and instantly disqualifying herself by going over time. Truly, no loss. Simone Smullen (eventual second place winner) was followed by Megan Fraser (Very funny writer. New pregnant friend joke is gold.) and newcomer Dan Killeen. Steve Tassie closed the contest portion and won a berth in the finals in April. Got to wait until April for $100? Worse than filing your taxes.

We fired on some special guests like Melissa Dennison (new stuff is awesome), Laura Nikifortchuk (going to NYC to perform at Stand-Up NY…lucky…), Ruby (Hey…it’s his room), Chris Brazeau (always dandy), Andrew Evans (what can I say about this guy that isn’t in all my other blogs?), and quick shots by Dan Dunn (one of my faves) and John Steinberg (new joke he got out is absolutely killer. Will not give it away. You must see it.). Then Mike Ross closed the show…

He spent the majority of his set dealing with a belligerent and drunk twenty-nothing who was half his size and looking to punch Mike square in the head. Aggression to the point that everyone was just about ready to rush if stuff went down. Not really sure if the situation got diffused or just burnt itself out. Either way, Drunk Welsh Bramptonian guy subsided and chilled.

Can’t wait for the PodCast of this one folks. Watch the Ein-Stein’s space for full deets. Unless you’re my parents, in which case, there’s no such thing as an Ein-Stein’s…

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