Here’s Your Mail

Here’s Your Mail

Drove off to Kitchener last night to do a show for the Ontario Institute of Purchasing Management Association of Canada. Y’know, it’s only as I type that that I realize it’s quite the mouthful. Maybe that’s why they go by PMAC. Andrew Evans and Brian Hope were in tow and of course as soon as we left Toronto, that’s when the freezing rain and utter and complete darkness kicked in. Didn’t seem to matter which transport truck we followed, we saw the same big square, tires, brake lights, and crap weather.

The run of the show was going to be me hosting, because hey, that’s what I do apparently. Brian was to middle and Andrew would close. Got to the show and after settling in a bit, we got the three minute warning, which I took to be the loose warning of get-ready-come-into-the-room-we’ll-wait-for-you-to-be-there-before-we-start type of message. So I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom. As I walk into the room the MC for their whole night is up at the front and I’m hearing things that she’s saying that sound wicked familiar: “…performs at Laugh Resort…”, “…performed at the Improv…” Initial thoughts were, “Cool! Ryan Belleville’s in the house!” Then I realized as she said “…would you please welcome…” that I was up. Bang! Run! Don’t knock over the steam table holding the beef!

Gasp! Pant! “Hey…” Gasp! “How you…” Cough. “How you folks doin’…”

Everyone did really well and they seemed to truly enjoy the stuff we did. Well, outside of Brian’s “Stephen-Harper-Kill-The- Jews” joke. Who’d have thought mention of the Holocaust would be a hot button…in Kitchener. He got them back though, but must say, it was fun to watch the hole being dug out of.

As always, a great night working with Brian and Andrew. Would do it again in a cocaine heartbeat. Well, we’ve got a comedy boat cruise in Gananoque that we’re doing, but that’s in June. Okay, not quite a cocaine heartbeat then…

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