Good Things, Small Packages, Yadda x 3

Good Things, Small Packages, Yadda x 3

The way things normally roll when trying to get a show in Toronto is someone puts out a message saying there’s a new room and then there’s an initial scramble of comics trying to get the stage time like the room is 1985 and the 5 minute spot is the last Cabbage Patch doll. That happened with Dana Alexander’s room.

She just started one up at the Side Door Grill which is a restaurant where one, well, enters through the side door. It is a very very small room and cozy. The stage is just big enough for a microphone stand and a stool. So, no improv then. Earl the Sqrl did sound (quite good) and lights (not-so-quite good). The sound was perfectly set for a room that size but the light was a little clip-on incandescent that was pointed from the ground up, lighting the comic’s faces from the bottom, rendering everyone with a Vincent Price-esque evil look so that the room was like the Open Mic House Of Doom.

Regardless of lighting, show went really well. Dana did a dandy job hosting and all the acts left with enough laughs for it to be considered a good go. Dana’s thinking she’ll run the room bi-weekly which I think is great for a room that size.

Speaking of nice rooms, Brian at Corktown Comedy allowed me to do 5 minutes at the last minute so I could procure a tape for the Q107 dayjob funny dealy. With the thanks of Dave’s brand spanking new camera, we’ll see how much is salvageable. If anything is, I’ll let you know when it’s votable.

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