From Ottawa To Balls’ Falls…Yes…Balls.

From Ottawa To Balls’ Falls…Yes…Balls.

Last week I was hosting at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa with Jocko Alston (astounding act), Martin O’Brien (funny as always) and Alex Brovedani (solid opener). Wednesday night was the Pro-Am night which was packed. Sold out. An amateur night. Yes, that’s why the club is awesome. Every show save the late shows was packed to the rafters. Saturday late show we termed the “Come-Watch-The-Wheels-Fall-Off-The-Wagon” night. Martin got into a banter with a woman in the front row that derailed him to the point of laughing. Then Jocko repeated the same joke twice. Oh, and BrovoCop stuck to his time.

Thursday I was hosting the Ed Pollock Talent Search Finals at Yuk-Yuk’s. Yup. Yuk-Yuk’s. I haven’t been on a Toronto Yuk’s stage in years and this time I was hosting. The place was packed, some of the Rangers lads showed up, and I got control of the room by yelling at a pack of folks sitting at the back of the room chatting loudly to shut the eff up. Yup, hosting at Yuk’s hasn’t changed since I was last there.

Slightly different crowd at Balls’ Falls where I did a bit of stand-up for my friend Stacey’s wedding. James Butlin [take deep breath] was in the wedding party, played piano for the service, did stand-up, did a speech during the reception. The only thing that he didn’t do was marry Stacey. But yes, the wedding was at Balls’ Falls. Named after the founder, C. Manly Balls.

I got nothing.

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