From Laugh Resort to Crocodile Rock And All Stops Inbetween

From Laugh Resort to Crocodile Rock And All Stops Inbetween

So…from LA to LR.

Great day for a show in that I had called in sick to work because I felt like God’s hangover with not even a fun evening in the books to legitimize it. 5:00am wake-up. Full fever. Niiiiiiiiiice. And I got a show tonight at the Laugh Resort? Fabulous. Maybe I’ll be better later, but now, a call to the Resort has me trying to back out of my six minutes of stage time opening for the Doo Wops. Crud.

Later in the day got a call back. Feeling better and the LR is only a 10 minute stroll through the cold. No excuse not to do it. The show must go…on yer bike. Got there to see fellow comics Daryl Purvis, Ron Fromstein, Vince Manella who were opening the show with me. Insider tip: What do comics talk about before a show? This time, it was animal stories and long distance relationships. Hootenanny? Hardly. Since I was feeling like crap and had a bit more time to play with, I did the email bit. Easy piece. Just read it. Did really well for the two dozen that braved the elements to be there. Highpoint of the night? Watching this 40-year-old woman sitting alone pounding back cabernet while Ron, Daryl and I threatened young Vince that we were going to hook them up.

Cost of admission at Laugh Resort if you know a comic: $5.00
Cost of 3rd glass of red wine: $7.50
Cost of watching a cougar descend on a young aspiring comic with no interest in a mom-aged date: Priceless.

Roll on Sunday/Monday at Old York/Rivoli.

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