From Different to Indifferent

From Different to Indifferent

Weirdness insued on Friday at the Old York Third Anniversary show. Nothing wild or out of the ordinary, but certainly it was odd performing there on a Friday night in front of a crowded standing-room-only pack of people that were either there for the comedy on offer or had finished dinner and decided to stay. Either way, it was wonderful, but there was still something wrong. Where were the empty chairs? The drunk guy with the straw hat from the half-way house drinking beer with ice cubes in it and completely ignoring us? Where were the laughs that came only from the comics and not from the four or so civilians that sat there returning joke after joke with blank stare after blank stare? It was a solid show where everyone did well. Highlights include Martin O’Brien had arguably the best show I’ve ever seen him do, Andrew Evans was cold off the top of his set but had everyone by the end, and Jillian Thomas was her usual funny self. So what was I doing with new material? Off the top? Rookie error that paid off I guess.

Last night at Slainte in Hamilton was a different story. Dave Paterson took the bullet and drove Andrew Evans, Mike Harrison, and myself there. God love him. So how did we spend our drive up? Bagging on each other. No witty repartee, no discussions about the essence of comedy. Just four guys in a car trying to find a new way to say that someone else in the car masturbates a lot or has a hot mother. Oh, civil maturity.

Hosting was fine, but certainly not stellar. The crest of the crowd rose and fell so I’d either get a decent laugh or be able to hear the clicking of the clock behind the bar. Man of the Match was Andrew who tore the place apart and was able to shut down assholes in the audience like he found the kill switch. I’d also give the accolade to Randy Hughes who stood atop the stage, opened his eyes from the usual squint, and berated the audience on how he hated Hamilton. His usual fare that got sidetracked by the location and the moment, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. Randy is a comic’s comic and people either like him or deeply deeply hate him. The saddest part of his shows are realizing that only other comics are laughing.

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