“Fox & Fiddle – Thanks for the Training” and “The Down Under Rangers”

“Fox & Fiddle – Thanks for the Training” and “The Down Under Rangers”

Mike Sheer and I sorted out a mixed-bag night with comics from Canada and the US including Kirsty Mac (AUS), Matt Romot (USA), and Deanne Smith (CAN). Good night and a fair bit of promo happened to get folks into the club. Kristian Reimer finished his show for the night and headed in to the Alley Bar for Canadian recon. Regrouping we headed for the Exford Bar to try to get spots again. I got a spot in the first half of the show whilst KR and Matt went up in the second half. The crowd as the usual loud din and the crowd was prepped as usual for the comedy; conditionally.

Hit the stage and instantly got heckled at the back. Not by anything I said, and nothing I hadn’t yet said. He punctuated everyone’s set, mine included, with “You suck!” Dealt with him and then got back to the meat of the set. The sad part is that there was nothing inventive in the heckle. Just a loud hockey stick into the front spokes. Bah. Finished the set and standing at the back of the room, cue the Heckler coming over to me and introducing himself as The Heckler, like he was a Batman villain or something. He honestly felt he was adding to my show. The conversation went thusly:

Heckler: So, did you like what I did?
tva: What, eff up my show? Yeah, I liked that a lot.
Heckler: You were tame with me. You should be on me more. It’s the Australian way. You should have yelled at me more.
tva: So I should have said something like “You’re an absolute **** and should be put to sleep?”
Heckler: Yes!
tva: Or something like, “What, I have to deal with you right now because about 30 years ago your mom couldn’t come up with bus fare during a shore leave?”
Heckler: Yes, exactly! You did okay, but you should have done something like that.

So, this is what I like. Insult them to their face and they’re cool with it. Nice. Anyway, fair enough set outside of Satan’s Little Helper and fired more wristbands into the crowd. Hopefully it’ll pay off with folks showing up. We’ll see, I guess.

Spent yesterday doing, well, nothing comedy-related and it was everything I hoped it would be. Sunday afternoon and off to the footy. That’d be Australian Rules Football. The last time that I saw the game it was during the first hockey strike and the sports network was scrambling for sports to put on the tube. I remember watching it and thinking “I get this until the ref blows the whistle. Now I don’t get it.” Watching it live is way more engaging. It’s a fantastic sport live as all sports are, really. [Really? Even golf? – “H!ITVA!” Ed.] White-knuckles until the end when the Western Bulldogs bettered Adelaide by two points. Do I have a team now? Looks like Western Bulldogs. Light blue shirts with white and red? It’s a no-brainer.

So what does Easter Monday hold for me? Looks like it’s big exploratory walks around Melbourne and trying to get a spot at a hostel. Yup…hostel. Here be the dream. Live it.

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