Four in Five

Four in Five

I just looked at the calendar and realized that I had four shows in five days. Jayzus. It’s no wonder I feel exhausted right now. Kaori came down to last night’s Titus show at the Riv and said I looked a bit sleepy, but I guess that’s the reason. How dumb is that? Too busy to realize that you’re busy. Bah.

Friday was one of the nights that I really didn’t know what to expect from. Lansdowne Fair. On the fairgrounds. Open air. Audience sitting on the racetrack and in the stands far across the track. Trains going by and firing off whistles. Had no idea how this was going to fly. I was to fill the hour with…well, something. I worked with the organizers to try and make something work. Outside with a spread-out sparse crowd is a recipe for comedy death, so yes, you try to avoid that. After a while we settled for a different format for a show…a talk show. Like all other talk shows, I started with an opening monologue, had some pre-set comedy pieces for some other points in the show and took to interviewing folks who were directly or indirectly involved with the fair. It was fantastic seeing a ton of folks I’ve not seen in ages and being able to talk to a bunch of really interesting people. Seems everyone left happy and the weather held for Willie Mack to take the stage. Would do that one again in a second. Yes, even outside.

Saturday had me back in Toronto acting as the filling in a band sandwich at the Old York for my good buddy Sky Shaver’s birthday. I took the stage after the opening act and Sky and the Gorcey Family Band drove it home. It’s always hard being on a show after musical acts, but most everyone seemed to enjoy it, including Sky. Even after I roasted him. There was one small issue, the size of which was a four year old, but outside of that, feedback was positive, especially from the birthday boy, so I’m good there. As for the fallout, you’ll have to wait for the podcast due to me awaiting my own Guy-Earle-esque Flack-O-Rama. Might get juicy.

Sunday was a quiet evening at Ein-Stein’s where I got to perform with many for long-time local haunter Ari Kizel. [What’s with all the birthdays? October a big love month back in the day? – H!ITVA! Ed.] Call it creativity. Call it daring. Call it downright bone laziness, but I thought it’d be a fun improv exercise to use the exact same roast for Ari as I used for Sky and merely change the names to see how they lined up. All in all, not a bad juxtaposition. Seemed to work and I didn’t have to do much. RESULT!

Which brings us to last night where Titus Malcolm took the stage at the Riv for SketchCom. Ten minutes and I guess we’ll see how well he did since Darcy threatens to put him on the podcast this week. Don’t look at me folks, blame him. You can hear the woman from Kitchener poop all over Toronto. After the show I gave her a lift back to her glass house. Yet another example of me not having much luck with ladies in the audience.

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