Forty to One

Forty to One

It’s nice how it all works. Hosted a smoking show at the Old York. Drink ‘Til They’re Funny saw its first night post- anniversary on the monthly Friday spot and so far so good. Place was packed to the point of standing. Even had the one lone seat by the end of the bar closest to the stage filled. Sadly by a guy so drunk I think he thought he was in church. Like the hosting thing but again it’s hard to get the sense that people don’t need to find you funny, but just there.

Who was on the show? Dave Paterson (glad he got on while sober), Colette Kendall (who didn’t seem to happy with the crowd… of course she was the first to deal with the complete drunk idiot) , John Markey (mowed them down with new stuff), Birthday Boy Mister (bit drunk and thus faced silence), Mike Takas (again, unpleased by the drunk), Mike Sheer (first time I’ve seen him after his big comedy junket to Australia), John Dore (the Canadian Idol guy apparently…like I’ve watched the show ever… and no, I haven’t), Andrew Evans (as always, completely brilliant), Matt Kelly (no contest so Dave was safe), Ben Hur (usual smart-writing self), and newcomer Peggy Gibbons (who saw her first stand-up show, ever, at the Old York. Which means that she either was completely turned on by the craft or saw what we were doing and thought ‘Well if these f***wits can pull it off…’).

Then there was Zembra…what happened? Had three audience members at one point. And when I got up, then there was one. One civilian at the show. I like Justin Renwick’s room in its quaintness and stuff, but it needs people. Not to say that the locale is convenient, and it’s on a Sunday, but I truly like doing the show. It only comes once a month and deserves more people than it’s getting. Hope to do it again, but again, Zembra needs people.

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