Five Days of Fun

Five Days of Fun

Tuesday I hooked up with Brian Hope and Jason Blanchard and WebManDarce. The place? Duke of Gloucester, former home of the Toronto Central Rangers Supporters Club, and a place where an awful lot of my twenty dollar bills leapt like salmon over the bar, clearing my empty pints of Carlsberg, We hooked up with the intention of doing some writing at the Duke and then Brian, Jason, and I were going to head over to the Living Well for Darrin Rows’ show where there were actually more audience members than space heaters this time. He runs a dandy room, must say.

The Duke was a great place to begin, and everyone enjoyed pints of Keith’s. Except me. Why? Because I got coerced into a Frat-Boy-Dare-style at work to go on this 5 day cleanse-and-purge dealy. How’s it work? For 5 days it pans out like this:

– No red meat…Okay, no trouble. Chicken and fish it is.
– No grains…Like Atkins. Got it.
– No dairy…I like the milk, but sure.
– No refined sugar…Wow, that shows up everywhere, dunnit?
– No alcohol…Um…It’s a week. That’s fine. No worries.
– No caffeine. Okay now you’re killing me.

So Tuesday had me at the Duke in the Snug with three mates drinking Keith’s while I sipped on an ice water and tried to forget that my head was thumping with the pain of my brain slamming itself into the front of my skull looking for remnant caffeine crumbs in the crevices behind my eye sockets. Still, not as bad as losing to Celtic.

We fired our way across the street and took the stage, all of us, armed with nothing but new material. Let’s just say results were fair to middling. Regardless of how you do at the Living Well, it’s a great venue to try out new stuff. No chance of losing a “Comedy Now” opportunity there.

So the cleanse ends Friday night. Saturday has me at Jimmy Heroes in Burlington on the night of my return to full humanity. If I happen to get everything into me that I’m hoping to by show time, you’ll see a much wired, full-on-burgers-and-pizza, drunk-off-a-Coors-Light (so I’m told anyway) tva on the stage introducing acts. Truthfully, I’ll be happy if I just don’t poop myself.

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