First Set Of The Year…Calgary

First Set Of The Year…Calgary

Not sure how you spent your New Years Eve, but I spent mine in the same way some 3.2 million Canadians spent theirs. Drunk in Alberta. I visited my brother in Canmore over the New Years at a house party hosted by his friend who was the younger sister of a girl I went to high school with. Yes, Gananoque…a wee bit small.

The night was capped with the ability to look down on fireworks at midnight…since we were in the mountains. Suffice to say they look different up there. Like staring at fish instead of birds.

So, good news: I was able to secure a spot at a Comedy Club in Calgary.

The bad news: It was after a day of skiing. My first in nine years.

The badder news: There were 13 people in the room.

The even badder news: I brought three.

I wasn’t too worried. I mean, this is the stomping ground of a lot of my peers: John Markey. Kristian Reimer. I wanted to see what they had to offer. Well, it turned out there wouldn’t be any sort of showcase. If it weren’t for me showing up, there’d have been no middle act at all unless a locak showed up. So, their loss that my bro has a car, I guess.

Even though I was a bit knackered and the crowd was meager to the point of the show almost being cancelled, it went on. I was the only opener and because of the small crowd, I was able to go longer than the prescribed seven minutes. So I was able to deliver my first set of the year in a completely different province than usual, in a new club, in front of my brother who has not seen me perform hardly at all and got to do an extended set of time. As small as the crowd was, they were listening and responsive. So, with a full room, it would be similar to an Absolute Comedy Screamer-Fest. No arguments there. The headliner, Dobie Maxwell from the States, did amazing with the tiny gathering and had my brother and sister-in-law in stitches. Definitely a man I could work with again.

How do we follow something like this? Dunno. Fox & Fiddle in Mississauga anyone? See you there tomorrow.

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