Fast And Furious

Fast And Furious

There are so many times that you sit around your house, figuring you’ll do some writing since you don’t have any shows on. You check your schedule again, and no, nothing to fill up the time at night, so you turn back to the notepad hoping to will something onto the blank sheet before you. Then you say to yourself, “Well, no wonder I can’t get any ideas…this place is a mess!” So, one tidy, vacuum, dust, scrub, respackle, replacement-of-light-fixture, total-rearrangement-of-kitchen later, and nothing’s been written, your place looks like a guy cleaned it (let’s not kid ourselves) and you’ve still not got any stage time. This past while, I’ve been stumbling over shows like a drunk uncle in the dark with his pants around his ankles.

I was able to take part in Laura Prosko’s Six Month Anniversary Show at McVeigh’s last week and glad I got there when I did. I took the bullet (First spot of the night. If you’ve ever done the first spot of a night, you know which way the bullet is pointed. Hint: Not away from the stage.) and did the first spot of the night. The crowd was textbook hot and cold; killing themselves at some stuff and then dodging rolling tumbleweed at others. They also had no idea what they were going to be in for since this was a true open mic in that anyone could show up, do some time and leave. People, you just don’t do that to comics in Toronto. Comics in Toronto smell stage time like chum in the water. They don’t care how long the show will go, it’s stage time. I’m guilty of the same thing, don’t kid yourself. So Dave Paterson, who had the last spot of the night hit the stage a mere three hours after I left it. Good times.

The holiday weekend means many different things to different people. Cottage time. Lakes and barbecues. For Jason Blanchard, it means running a show where every comic that takes the stage drunker than Courtney Love at Colin Farrel’s wake (No, he’s not dead. I just needed a place where there’d be a wicked open bar). Again I took the bullet and instantly had to deal with drunk Hooters girls directly in front of the stage. Hats off to Andrew Evans for putting the bug in my ear to deal with them and address their need for attention. God bless them for shutting up after I mentioned my need for twenty minutes and a glass of Sunny D. Night went really well. Wings were great. Other comics were awesome. But then everything’s better with beer, innit?

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