Eager To Buy But No One’s Selling

Eager To Buy But No One’s Selling

Performance-wise, Tuesday was mince. Ready to perform with new material pad in hand and the show got cancelled because the sound system wasn’t functioning. Sort of key when you think of it. When you pack a bar patio in Yorkville filled with rich people keeping an ear out for their Beemer’s car alarm and drinking Belgian beers on a Tuesday, you need as much authority as you can gather. So…no show. As the announcement from Laura Nikifortchuk hit us, suddenly every comic looked at each other trying to figure out where the next room that would take them would be with a frenzy that made pigeons attacking a half-eaten hotdog bun seem orderly and organized.

The majority decided on the Living Well just around the corner, followed by Yuk’s. Dave Paterson and I entertained the idea, but with suddenly eight comics suddenly forcing themselves on Darrin Rows for a spot they didn’t have at the top of the night probably didn’t make sense to add to the insanity. So, Eton House. Gave us a chance to support a great room, have cheap beer, possibly get on stage, and see a few friends already booked on the show. We didn’t get any spots, but the comedy was still good even though the civilian headcount was sparse at best.

So, nothing in advance of last night at Fallsview. I picked up Darryl Purvis and we headed for Niagara Falls. Got to the room and found out that the reason our show times got moved to 11:00pm and 1:00am is because Jack Soul was performing in the room before us. [Side question: Is he a band, or a singer, or what? I assume he’s already got a Juno so it should be easy to track down.] So, it’s nice having a Canadian celebrity open for us. Our show got negotiated into one larger show of 90 minutes instead of two smaller shows of an hour each. Gave the staff the opportunity to leave early and since they’re in charge of drinks and sound, you keep them happy. It went pretty much as expected. People drifted in and out, some listened, most didn’t. Both Darryl and I had folks that liked us, and those that didn’t. The guy who runs the details of the room is a lover of comedy and knows how to make some small changes that would make the room way more successful. Sad part is that this room is going away and being replaced by karaoke. “Empty Orchestra” to an empty room. Sigh.

What makes it all worth while? Getting back to Toronto in time for last call at the Old York. Thaaaaat’s what daddy likes.

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