Dude, You Are So Awesome

Dude, You Are So Awesome

It doesn’t take much to be awesome. Give someone some money. Donate money to charity. Beat up lawyers and then hide quickly so that they can’t see you and sue your arse. You know what can make you wicked awesome? Have your hard drive crash and then don’t do any site updates for so long you run the risk that the internet may not even be used anymore because people have discovered some form of electronic carrier pigeon. Hey, if phone texting can take off, why the hell not that?

So, yeah. Just before I hit Ottawa, my harddrive crashed taking with it every one and zero that meant anything to me. Thanks to a call from my Compu-Fixers as I came back into Toronto, I was able to get most-to-all of everything. So, how long does it take to type something? Don’t get into it. There’s been a few shows between now and then, so let’s just talk about the latest one…Saturday at Free Times Cafe. Normally, hosted by Jeff Schouela, he decided to give the reigns over to Dave Merheje. Nice. I was fourth before the break and what with Toronto FC having played their home opener that day, I was holding it together. I went up and discovered that there was a girls-night-out party stage left with one of the ladies just haaaaaaaammered. Hammered to the point of passed out. So what do you do in a situation like that? You use the first two minutes of your set to berate a woman so unconscious that she’ll not only not hear you, she won’t remember that you were there. So with eight minutes, I went into old standbys that I wouldn’t need to worry about remembering. And left. No new material. No nothing.

I’m hoping with the site back to relative snuff, this will force things back to normal. If you don’t hear from me until Thanksgiving, you’ll know the real answer.

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