Dude, Where’s My Show…?

Dude, Where’s My Show…?

Tried to perform at the Mr. Francis show last night and got nothing since there was literally no one there. 8 comics ready to perform and not one audience member. Really vague memories of the now-cancelled Wise Guys show come into the frame just now.

Hung out with some of the other supposed acts on the show, watched Buffalo maul Toronto 5-2 on straight power-play goals (Yus!) and watched the fanciful ending that was the penalty shootout. Even though the score had Buffalo winning they went through the shoot-out for practice, I guess. Sad part is that it’s horrible to watch. I’m sure Bettman, the Brain Behind the NHL thought that this ideer of the shootout, since it works so well in the World Cup (the real one), it’d be great in hockey. It would get rid of ties. Nice. Bet he never pictured the fact that no one through 23 players could score a decent one. Sudden Death, whatever that is, occurred and who scores the winner to eliminate the non-existent-anyway tie? Tie Domi. Quinn smirked as he watched him do it. So much for firing him now.

So, yeah. Penalty shoot-out to eliminate ties. Great idea, Mr. Bettman. Fabulous. Add to this the year you eliminated the game? Great. Placate the owners at the expense of the players? Brilliant. You all may now light your torches and storm the castle now.

Regardless, at the very least I know there’ll be people at Ein-Steins this weekend. That is unless my unrelenting bad karma plays tricks again.


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