Down and Ups

Down and Ups

Wherever, I like to pay shit back. Not just debts to guys named Ant’ny in order to preserve my knees, because I do enjoy my summer soccer, but I like to help out with fundraisers and the like where I can. Most to all of us are given the opportunity to go through life unmolested by disease, catastrophe, or even molesters, really. But the ability to ply something that you like to do into a fundraising opportunity is something I like to do where possible.

Saying such things tend to put you in places like Cobourg.

Fellow comic James Uloth got a call from his buddy Philliip Jolicoeur who in his work with the Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough were looking for something to bring some cash into the coffers. So a comedy show and silent auction appeared to be the ticket. Cue, me, James, Justin Renwick and Ben Hur huddled in a rental Hyundai following the bidding of the TomTom barking directions at us in a pleasant yet stern female English accent. The show was in the Lions hall (uh-oh…Flashback to Lansdowne…) with a full house, well arranged tables, and Phil having taken care of meals and a tab for us. Sweet.

As usual, I hosted and brought Justin to the stage first. Halfway through his spot, the cordless mic (Why do venues always think a cordless mic is best? Is the show going to turn into Donahue?) blew out mid-joke. The consummate professional that Justin is, he carried on al fresco and completed the rest of his time. I took the stage and about two minutes in, a replacement cordless mic was thrust into my mit. Just in time to bring Ben to the stage, who like Justin before him, did the time and got the laughs he was supposed to.

James then hit the stage and not having seen him in ages, watched a man I had joined in eating it at Toronto open-mics take the stage and make it his own for a full 45-minute headline set, easily taking the baton and running for the win. Great sets had by all.

Sunday, got to pull the deuce by doing both Ein-Stein’s and Fox and the Fiddle with Dave Paterson, Andrew Evans, and Jason Blanchard, which makes sense since Jason runs the damn Fox room. The new material, all basically about the Obama inauguration, all appears to be hitting. I’m hoping that this can remain fresh until next month when I can unleash it in Florida. Also got the opportunity to do yet another Top 10 list (shameless rip-off) for Chris Brazeau at Ein-Stein’s since it was her birthday show, after all. God bless ‘er!

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