Dark Malcolm

Dark Malcolm

Titus took to the Dark Show at Absolute Comedy Toronto for the first time. Actually it was the first time he hit an Absolute stage. Fresh from his success on the Thousand Islander IV he welcomed all questions from the crowd. Given it was the Dark Show, he hoped to get questions about Toronto’s seedy underbelly. If the Rivoli crowd couldn’t keep quiet, you’d expect a Dark Show crowd to be chomping at the bit for a taste of dark history. They weren’t.

Titus sat there trying to pull teeth, but thank The-Deity-of-Your-Choice there was a guy in the front row, wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt and full of questions. Well, one. Used to 10-15 sets at the Rivoli did nothing to help him in a five minute spot. But he continued.

Titus did okay. Interesting was the fact that many of my comic pals didn’t know who was going on. How many guys asked “Who’s the guy with the hat?” A few.

One cool thing was the guy who asked Titus the question came up afterwards appreciative of the effort and will hopefully be asking a question on the podcast for him. One can hope at least.

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