Could Have Done This In The Flat

Could Have Done This In The Flat

It was about time that I did a show that I actually had booked here in Edinburgh and last night was the anticipatory evening that I was banking on. One show at Hudsons, and the other with Jim Park as part of the Electric Mouse shows at Black Bo’s. Jim was kind enough to put me up and this show I was up for. Ready to go. Camera in hand. Marvy.

So, first the Hudson. It’s posh. Really posh. Like swanky-styley-downtown-clubby type of thing. I had to use the bathroom and when I was finished the urinal said “Thank you, sir.” So I had no reason to be there otherwise since I left my suit at home. The show before ours was a karaoke-type thing and I met another two comics hoping to crash for some stage time. Then came my buddy and another audience member. That was it. No host to start. No crowd. Nothing. So it strikes me odd that of all the acts there, I was the only one previously booked. Huh. So, we left. Upside was I was shown where the Oxford Bar is (If you’ve read Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you should read Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels.)

So, on to Black Bo’s. The bar itself is like a smaller version of Betty’s upstairs with a bit more artistic decor. So, I’m thinking, this place will be mobbed if folks show up. I wind up fifth on a six performer show. Sweet spot. Size of the audience was, well…my first line of the night sort of describes it:

“I’d like to thank Jim Park for setting this night up for me. When we were arranging this, he said to me ‘No worries, Todd. I’ve got a room that’ll fit 120 people, it’ll be packed for you.’ I said to him, ‘Actually, I’d rather perform in front of a Dutch couple, a raft of comics, and four people I brought myself’. Jim said, ‘I can make that happen.'”

So, yes, tiny crowd but still fun to do. Never turn down stage time. Which took me and some of the other comics and our buddy Cheesy (dont’ ask), to the Meadow Bar to watch more stand-up. A show followed and I was able to squeeze stage time out of the host. At 2:30am I hit the stage with what remained of the crowd, being by now drunk and sleep-deprived. Not a bad set but I won’t be getting a ‘Comedy Now!’ from it.

Hopefully no jokes today as Glasgow and a Champions League fixture awaits. So it better not be funny. Or laughable.

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