Cheap Beer Helps Out McVeighs, & Comedy On The Curve Approacheth…

Cheap Beer Helps Out McVeighs, & Comedy On The Curve Approacheth…

So, show number two was upon us and there’s already been a few changes since the first-night fundraiser (made over $120 on just door and donations from comedians and audience members alike for Second Harvest…thanks all!). Well, not that many. We’ve got new bar staff, the drink specials continue, and we’ve got comment cards that offer the chance to win a dinner for four at McVeigh’s. And the food is not bad at all. This is not your deep-fried cheese stick affair. They use words like “reduction” and “confit” from time to time. I too am shocked.

In filed the comics before the show, the room already set up. It’s a pleasant moment when you realize to yourself, “Hey, I don’t have to move furniture before I pull out my Facebook chunk”. Comics both on and not on the show filed in, took seats and took full advantage of what will probably prove to be the larger draw than my attempts at new material or my ability to polish the old stuff: $3.00 domestic bottles and bar rails. What keeps comics coming? A chance at stage time and cheap booze.

True enough to my thesis, very few comics bailed on the show after they performed. They stayed to the death, watching and supporting their brethren, and enjoyed the atmosphere. Even with the few comics in the room, it’s already feeling different. It may be the bargain Budweiser talking, but there’s a sense like the comics like hanging here. They’re always welcome in the room.

We did get some non-comics in the room to represent and support and that was fantastic as well. The bar knows it’s going to take some time to get going, but with their quick creation of posters and promotion cards, their want to give away meals, the discount on drinks, the new sign for the front of the door on show nights, it makes the heart warm. I’m looking forward to more of this.

It seems I’ve been getting more and more of this from bar owners. The management at On The Curve have done the same thing in allowing me to bring up some really great acts in the Sundays in March ahead (Casey Corbin, Nile Seguin, Winston Spear, and Darryl Purvis) all at a really reasonable price. Again, they’ve got posters, in-bar TV ads, a fantastic sound system. It’s a wonder to see. You should all come out and see these shows

Now for a shameless plug: Sundays in March @ On The Curve Restaurant in Mississauga, 8:00pm, show-only $10.00 and dinner specials available at 6:00pm with show included for $34.95.

I’ve got to thank On The Curve and McVeigh’s for their support as well as the comics that are at both shows. You folks are dandy.

Now, if only McVeigh’s weren’t a Celtic bar

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