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TVA Podcast 196: Glenn Sumi

This week we are back above the pub with a hard-hitting chat with GLENN SUMI!!! Join tva, Glenn, Darcy, and Ian as we hit the nail on the head with topics like: - Theatre, ballet, and being treated like a hick - The joy of tweets - The state...

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TVA Podcast 195: Peter Anthony

This week we are once again below the pub and we welcome in for his hat-trick recording of the podcast: PETER ANTHONY!!! Join tva, Peter, Darcy, and Ian as we meander our way through topics like: - The joys of tiny dog ownership - The Marc Maron meet-up -...

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TVA Podcast 194: Judy Croon

Hey, folks. This week we are Darcy-less, but we carry on regardless with funny lady and old friend JUDY CROON!!! Join tva, Judy, and Ian as we prattle on about: - That beautiful night in Gananoque - The smoking habits of Anne Murray and Dionne Warwick - The utter...

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Helen Arney

TVA Podcast 193: Helen Arney

This week we welcome London Comedian/Musician Helen Arney! Join Todd, Darcy, Helen and her ukulele as we go on about: - Todd having never even heard of the Corktown Uke Jam - The joy of play-cations - Prepping for fringe festivals - A load of math, physics, and musical nerditry Soap...

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