S03E03: Robert Cait

PartyPartyPartytime with old friend Robert Cait. We go vocal with Robert at the “Just For Laughs” festival in Montreal. Join tva and Robert as they catch up on lost time...

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S03E02: Trent McClellan

Down in the maze with Trent McClellan. We go through a series of left-and-rights with Trent. Join tva, Trent, and Ian as we go through the following stag-do invite list:...

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S03P02: Dan Levy

Lauding congratulations with Dan Levy. We welcome Dan onto the show for a great chat about his writing for shows, his stand-up, his early sketch days and his new album...

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S03E01B: Todd Glass

Into Part Two with Todd Glass. Comedian Todd Glass joins us for the second half of our season-opener two-parter. Join tva, Todd, and Ian as we set up the room...

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