S01E17: Kristeen von Hagen

Fellow Three-Letter Acronym KRISTEEN VON HAGEN slides by to share some Three Word Poetry Kristeen joins tva et al at CATP Towers just after tva’s return from Absolute Comedy in...

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S01E16: Steve Patterson

Host of CBC‘s “The Debaters” STEVE PATTERSON comes to the episode with a point or two to raise. Full complement this week, as we ambush Steve in his hotel room...

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TVA Radio Replay (2010.11.10)

Mike Reid and tva are both growing for Movember, both our cities have new mayors, and the government decides to spend some cash on hookers on 98.9 The Drive FM. Plus there's a preview of the great episode we had with host of CBC's "The Debaters"...

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S01E15: Nikki Payne

Funny gal NIKKI PAYNE shows up with a sack of phalli for us to enjoy! No Darcy this week but we don’t have many-if-any technical gaffes with thrice-winner of Canadian...

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S01E14: Derek Forgie

We get smart, sexy, and secretive with funny man DEREK FORGIE! No Ian (don’t be that sad about it) but we march on regardless with MTV-Canada and “Last Comic Standing”...

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