Five Days of Fun

Tuesday I hooked up with Brian Hope and Jason Blanchard and WebManDarce. The place? Duke of Gloucester, former home of the Toronto Central Rangers Supporters Club, and a place where an awful lot of my twenty dollar bills leapt like salmon over the...

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From Ottawa To Balls’ Falls…Yes…Balls.

Last week I was hosting at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa with Jocko Alston (astounding act), Martin O'Brien (funny as always) and Alex Brovedani (solid opener). Wednesday night was the Pro-Am night which was packed. Sold out. An amateur night. Yes, that's...

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Stop press. Flee to your homes. Hide in the root cellar and hide your children from the bright lights. I actually picked the right material finally to gather laughs at the ALTDot Comedy Lounge at the Riv. Let’s not get too...

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