So, They Were Drunk. So What?

So it was a decently quiet night at McVeigh’s. Eight comics, five audience members; one of which I knew (and as a result will probably now ignore all of my Facebook updates), one aspiring comic doing research on performing (and probably wondering why he chose this particular art form and not, say, ballet), and three drunk, loud, yet entertaining non-union actors.

I started the show, as you do, welcoming them all, and laying down the ground rules. It’s okay to talk during my introductions whenever I hit the stage, but the acts are off limits. Standard procedure. You’ve been to a comedy show before you know the score.

Well, that didn’t happen.

“I’m Back In Baby’s Arms”

So, here’s a little story about Albany.

Brian Hope arranged a gig for us in Albany and promised me a bit of stage time with a chance for more gigs if I joined him on the trip.
Having never been in the New York State capital, I figured, hey, the road is the road. Six hours out ain’t too bad.

Next thing I knew we were in for a Pride Week-Style gay ol’ time.

Down and Ups

Wherever, I like to pay shit back. Not just debts to guys named Ant’ny in order to preserve my knees, because I do enjoy my summer soccer, but I like to help out with fundraisers and the like where I can. Most to all of us are given the opportunity to go through life unmolested by disease, catastrophe, or even molesters, really. But the ability to ply something that you like to do into a fundraising opportunity is something I like to do where possible.

Saying such things tend to put you in places like Cobourg.

Again With The TwitterCast…My Other Night @TheRiv

So, yeah. I figured “What the hell, I’ll fire it up again” and did the AltDot New Material Night. Main motivation? I hadn’t put the first one to video. So now thanks to a couple of my best pals, I’ve got it in the can. I’ll work on getting it posted soon to the “Videos” section of the website.

The Week That Was…

The past seven days have been the type where you decide one day to look at your calendar and realize that for some reason you’re busier than Stephen Harper’s budget-making all-nighter. It seemed to go gig after gig after gig without relent and it all finished with a familiar theme at the Alt Dot last night.