Second and Goal!

Serendipity is a crazy thing. It’s not just a crap movie starring Kate Beckinsale and a hope-he-made-off-with-a-lot-of-cash-cuz-he’s-much-better-than-that John Cusack. It is that point where you realize that you’ve somehow stumbled into something wonderful and have no idea why. Thus far this trip has been better than that crap movie.

Live At Five

Only a quick one now as I'm off to watch Rangers v. Falkirk. Yesterday saw me do five shows starting at noon at The Stand...

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When I think of Florida, I hearken back to my halcyon days of when I was but a child on my first trip to the Sunshine State with my grandparents when I was ten. I remember being enthralled with this entirely new and alien country...

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First Set Of The Year…Calgary

Not sure how you spent your New Years Eve, but I spent mine in the same way some 3.2 million Canadians spent theirs. Drunk in Alberta. I visited my brother in Canmore over the New Years at a house party hosted by his...

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