Buffalo Soldiers [or ‘Born of Frustration’]

Buffalo Soldiers [or ‘Born of Frustration’]

Take your pick, either Marley or James. After the night that was hosting at Hurricanes, with the Good (having Kenny Robinson show up to try some new material), the Bad (most of the material I got to do in front of my friends who showed up looking for a good show), and the Ugly (CrazyLady showed up…again to stunned silence and an even more-stunned host), I felt bad that my buddies had showed up to see me, well, not do material. Didn’t do bad, but must say, would have loved the opportunity to do some actual show time.

Needed a change and something to get the juices going. So what does one usually do when they’re feeling hungry and need something to spark a fire in the belly? Wings. So Buffalo it was. Got the opportunity to feature at the Comix Cafe in Buffalo thanks to Brian who (a) was kind enough to sort me out with a guest spot to showcase a bit, and (b) needed a lift to Buffalo. Sometimes it pays to be nice. So we were put up, and had three great shows. Eight o’clock on Friday, and two shows on Saturday. All shows were packed (200 plus) and lively. Had a dandy time, had great wings (needless to say) and got totally hosed on Friday night. Thank God for the lonvely delivery girl (when have you ever had that happen?) that showed up from Yings delivery (open ’till 5:00am…look ’em up when you’re in the Tonawanda area…loaded…) carrying with her a mess of food that I’m sure tasted way more excellent than it actually did.

Story of the trip. Saturday AM I woke up looking for coffee. Went for a walk and asked a woman about my mom’s age for directions to some place that had something better than the weak acid that was the Maxwell House can of whatever-the-Hell- it-was that was in the condo. So, she points down the street and says it’s down the block, and it’s called…

…so, she couldn’t come up with the name “Dunkin’ Donuts”. Guess they’re not penetrating the market like they wished. She then turns to me and says “Oh, I can’t remember the name of it. Hop in and I’ll drive you there.” At no point did I feel threatened, or worried that if I had accepted (but didn’t since the day was amazing for a walk) that I’d wake up in her basement in a ball gag with her standing over me in a leather mask screaming “Mamma LOVES her new toy!”

God bless America.

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