Quite the Long One…

…and that’d be ‘weekend’, oh gutter-minded people. The weekends never seem to go the way you think they’re going to. I’d have thought that the holiday weekend would pass without a hitch, that the celebration of Jesus taking the first long weekend would be simple enough, and the shows that you do are going to be basic, simple affairs with little or no bother at all.

Typically I’ve found that the second that you entertain such folly, you’re pretty much asking for fate to swing by and, well, catch you in the swingers.

Absolutely Crazy

Having been flush with the success of a weekend with Andrew Grose, a weekend that makes you want to rewrite everything that you’ve ever written so that you can get more laughs-per-minute, I looked forward to coming back to Toronto to host with two co-features at Absolute Comedy.

The parting words that I got from Jason Laurans (the club owner of both Absolute Comedy clubs) was that when working with both Mike Paterson and Ryan Wilner, watch out for the closing segment. Ten minutes of madness. To be honest, I was all “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve seen Jocko Alston’s closer, I get it…it’ll be nuts.”

So, I saw the closer a lot this weekend. And now I can’t get Meatloaf nor “Total Eclipse of the Heart” out of my head.

Absolute Ottawa, Roasts, Sunday Papers, Hamilton, and Other Time Consumers…

When the week starts, you’re usually able to eye your dayplanner/PDA/collection-of-beer-mats-with-appointments-blurrily-scrawled-on-them and plot out your course for the week like you were slaloming down a hill with élan (meaning ‘grace and ability’, and not the ski brand necessarily…I think mine are Head…no wait…they are Elan. Huh. That’s lucky.)

The past week had me scrambling all over the place and looking for coverage for my absences. With being in Ottawa for spots at Absolute, the prep for the Ottawa Comedy Awards Roast, and finding out the Toronto Star had something to say about me, it’s been a bit cah-razay.

Two Rooms Growing and Worth Knowing

I may just be on to something here. The third night of Comedy Above The Pub appears to be doing okay. A few things here have made me think that we could be getting something right.

Firstly, the bar continues to be supportive, and by “supportive” I mean there’s still cheap booze like Prohibition just got lifted. Apparently $3 goes a long way.