Weird Situation #1: Talk my buddy DD at work into coming down to the show at Betty’s since the fool is being cajoled into getting back into stand-up. He’s done sketch in the past, done the odd bit of stand-up (‘odd’ being ‘infrequent’, not ‘odd’ as in screaming “I AM STABLE!” etc. etc. [q.v. entry from Aug 2/05]) and has been working on our company’s support team for some time now. After doing that for long enough, you’ve got to have a laugh. Try to get him to come down but he ends up with about four others who are going to come down to Betty’s to watch the show as well. Why is this necessarily not a good thing? One, they’ve never seen me perform before outside of my rants on what our software should do, and two, well, this night I’ve decided to work mostly new and blue. I wasn’t doing old Redd Foxx bits, but a couple of more swears than usual.

Weird Situation #2: Get to the room and run into a girl on the stairs. “We’re from Gananoque”, she says. “So am I”, I reply. “I know”, she replies back. Turns out it’s a father/daughter team that in my glory days of shlepping coffee and cheeseburgers back in high school, I served one or the other food close to every day. The daughter lives just around the corner from Betty’s and her dad saw that I was performing there so they showed up. Advertising works, or is a complete waste of a medium, depending upon your perspective. The lesson they were about to learn? My dad’s sermons and my “sermons”…slightly different. Dad’s are filled with enlightenment and hope. Mine teeter on the brink of blasphemy.

Weird Situation #3: The act before me, a woman who’s not done Betty’s before, if any place for that matter, closes with the statement that she shaves…everywhere. The male comics at the back give a standing ovation. And two female ones…

Coda: Took the stage from Brian the host and broke the cardinal rule of starting with a new joke that I wrote not four hours before. It took off from there, proving that there are exceptions to every rule. Got the firm footing I needed and tore into it. One of the better nights I’ve done, thankfully. Nothing like tanking in front of people you have to work with or folks from the past that would soon wonder why do you effing bother?

Oh, the final thing…as I was going into Betty’s I ran into Sandra Battaglini who said she was hosting at Betty’s in two weeks. So I get to go back, but this time as Titus. Gets me a bit of stage time before the Riv show I guess.

Gotta celebrate the good nights, because they might just stop coming…

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