Best Night Of Comedy…Ever

Best Night Of Comedy…Ever

Last night I hit the streets looking for an open mic for strictly selfish reasons. I had a bit of new material over the past couple of nights that received some success but I wanted to see how I could improve it in front of another crowd. So I emailed Ty York who saw the debacle at the AltDot on Monday to see if I could use his room at the Living Well. The fact that he agreed so quickly should have been a warning.

Walking upstairs to the stage area of the Living Well, I found Steve Tassie, two couples far from the stage area engaged in tight conversation and thus probably not wanting to see or caring if there was a show. A guy and two girls were in the stage area already and appeared to not know/care that there was a show. We would eventually build the show around them.

Ty started the show and brought on Steve first. He got on and off in record time. (Quick note on Steve: He’s got a whack of shows in December and is ensuring that every one of them has completely different material. This all culminates into the final show where he brings out all of the best material from the previous shows and performs it. Call it the Night of Funny- But-No-Hope-Of-A-Segue. Check out hiswebsite for details.) Dave Paterson was also there trying out some new stuff with the crowd of three that was making as many laughs as they were getting from us. Great. So I went up with my offerings. Seemed to be better in front of three plus comics. Steve blagged off early and this would prove to be his undoing.

I’m reaching the end of my set and a guy in a flash suit and his tall blond giggly girlfriend come upstairs, flop on the couch, and catch the last bit of my set as well as the last bit of the show. Ty goes back up to close up and the guy in the suit demands to see some funny stuff as it’s his birthday. So I goad Dave into going up and doing some A-list stuff. He does and kills in front of the now-crowd-of-five. Next act was Peter Sawyer. You’d know him from commercials. Anyway, he kills. So, I get up and do some A-list. I kill the five.

This represents one of the most magical moments in comedy history. A show where you come in, expecting nothing, and the crowd, no matter how slight, demands material and you deliver and feed off of each other. The more they laughed the more they spur you on. Small, but nonetheless incredible.

Oh, and that thumping sound you hear is Steve Tassie kicking his own ass for leaving early.

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