Back to Traditions in Ottawa

Back to Traditions in Ottawa

So now I’m back to traditions. There are few that I hold dear, but in Ottawa, it’s all about starting the weekend, admittedly on a Wednesday, after the long drive to Ottawa with a Guinness at Pub Italia. That under the belt, and it sets up the weekend. Wednesday’s Pro/Am night is usually packed [check!] and the comics all solid [check]. And the headliner for the weekend gets his first footing in the club to get ready for the rest of the weekend. Erm…not-so-check.

I came to Ottawa swapping hosting weekends with Brian Hope due to conflicts on his schedule. No worries, it’s a difference of two weeks, I’m a nice guy, we’ll do it. The sad bit is that Bob Featherer, a comic from the states was supposed to headline and due to a physical disability, he had a helper that is also the middle-act. So, there goes the two rooms in the condo the club has. Looking at my Marriott statement, I still had some points kicking about, so I figured I’d book myself into one of the properties in Ottawa. No worries. I get a whole room to myself, with a pull-out couch. Wicked! I can make a fort!

So, having checked in, made the obligatory stop at Pub Italia, and arrived at the club where the headliner headshot was not Bob Featherer, but Adam Growe. Hmmm…I think. Where’s the Bob pictures? Huh, it turns out that Bob and his helper got tied up at the border and wouldn’t make it to Ottawa. Thankfully Jason Laurans ponied up to close the show last night and got Adam to come to Ottawa for the rest of the weekend. Now I’m back in the condo and will be working with a guy I’ve known in Toronto for quite some time. Even with the bother, Ottawa is still astounding.

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