Long Weekend

It seems I tend to have weeks and months where I plumb forget how busy I am until I open up my calendar in Outlook. That happened Thursday. It was one of those things where you know you’ve got the things going on that you do, but you didn’t think it was “that day” already. I had three in a row. I really should hire a PA. Or get a new head.
Something. I got to perform with a pack of my friends and colleagues and also see one of the best acts Canada has to offer. I travelled five hours round-trip to do 30 minutes for 30 people (everyone walked home with a minute’s worth of show!). And after months of scheduling bleah, I finally got to perform at a friend’s room after podcasting the heck out of it. Busy as stink and it ain’t even December yet.

The TVA Radio Replay (2009.11.27)

This week we've not got the BOB segment yet, but once in our possession, we'll pass it on to you. That's both a threat and a promise. Meanwhile, Todd and Mike on Drive FM decide to deconstruct Mike's new Kingston bus ad, his Christmas party...

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TVA Podcast 166: Darrin Rose

Welcome to episode #166 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome DARRIN ROSE! Join me, Darrin, and Producer Darcy as we talk about: - Comedy in England - Life on Much Music - Video On Trial as well as Love Court Go to the main podcast page where...

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TVA Podcast 165: Jeff Elliott

Welcome to episode #165 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome JEFF ELLIOTT! Join me, Jeff, and Producer Darcy as we discuss at great length the following: - Going to court, garbage or otherwise - Fantastic and crap movies - What it's like to own a movie...

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