I’ll Always Have Chicago, But Now Fewer People Will Starve

The needle is well buried into the red on the Exhaust-O-Meter. Flight back from Florida began as most flights seem to (too damn early for my liking) and had an uneventful connection in Charlotte. I’m sure Charlotte is a great city, if their Cinnabon in the connector lounge is anything to go by.

Landed, got home, shook the sand from the luggage and then got everything ready for the seven-hour-drive-each-way to Columbus, OH with Brian Hope. We had hooked ourselves up with a showcase spot at the Funny Bonef or the club owner who books a dozen clubs in the US. A good man to know, obviously.

Brian went first and did, by his own description, mediocre. Not me saying. His material was as good as ever, but just did not find the audience at all for some reason. We all get crap nights, and usually mine come whenever the words “case” and “show” are in close proximity. Thankfully, the training run in Florida provided me with a 20 minute set that I was comfortable with. Seemed to go well. Got to talk to the Godfather running the show who explained out of the clubs he has, he’s got a full roster already, but I could probably work one of the clubs he’s got in Hartford later in the year. Happy was I. The guy books chaps like Joe Rogan, Jim Gaffigan, Dom Irrera, and Norm MacDonald. Heard of any of them? To get a sniff in their direction is a privilege.

Episode 113: Jason Blanchard

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Anything Second City Can Do…

So, my friend Kaori just went and got a blog posted on The article concerns Second Harvest and their want for all Torontonians on Thursday, Feb 26th, to bring their lunch to work or school and donate the money they would have spent...

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Next Time, I’ll Try and Find a Politically-Sensitive Map

So, I’m in Fort Myers, Florida doing shows at the Laugh-In. To be honest, I’m as shocked as anyone that I’m actually down here doing any shows to begin with. Including the owner. I was supposed to close four shows, two Friday, and two Saturday. Before the first show, Joe the owner introduced himself to me and asked how exactly I got in on his roster? So, I told him that two years ago, I did a couple of five-minute open spots, and left my résumé and headshot for him to look at. Next thing I know he called me up and booked me. Money for that trip well spent.

Now, remember, I’ve done a grand total of ten minutes at this club, some two years ago. But I figured, I’m way more confident, have a larger arsenal of material. This’ll be fine, right?

Van Allen, get a map.

News About McVeigh’s – Looks Like I’m Hosting Now

Hey, all.

I owe you a review on Florida, and there have been some lessons learned, let’s say, but I felt you should know about this breaking news in advance.

There’s been a bit of a change-up recently and I thought that even though I’m not in town just now, I should put something out there to let you know what’s going on.

Firstly, as of Thursday, February 26th, I’ll be taking over as the host of the comedy night Thursdays at McVeigh’s. I’ve hosted this room as a substitute for several evenings over the past while, and it looks like I’m going to be continuing for good in this capacity. I’m going to be working very hard with the staff and ownership at McVeigh’s to help make the night a continued success. It is my hope that the room will be as successful as it was during the past two-and-a-half years that Laura Prosko ran it. Under her guidance it became one of the best places to perform in the city, and I hope that this continues.