The Pod People

So, I hate the phrase “Perfect Storm” as it does nothing but conjure up CEOs standing in front of a long table of board members describing how the fantastic idea of “” fell victim to the DotCom bubble and “Hey, fellas, everyone lost their shirts” as two floors below the website QA person is clearing out her desk wondering just how much diarrhea this place of employment will look like on the ol’ resume. So, I won’t use it. I will say a couple of good things happened at the same time.

Doing It Clean

This has been kicking around in my mind for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d put some words out there on this.

Recently I did a couple of what was described to me as “needing to be squeaky clean corporate comedy” shows. Suddenly I pictured a room full of my grandmother, her friends, and members of the Sunday School Teachers Union Local #79. Not the case. One was at a full-on theatre with balcony in a small town. The other was under a tent at a blueberry farm.