S02E25: Nug!

Pulling into port with Nug. Improvisor and actor Nug joins us for tales of cruises, TV shows, and a not-so-secret new project. Join tva, Nug, and Ian as we weigh...

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Media Stir, and Magical Guests

Hey, all. So, I don't know if you heard what Toronto mayor Rob Ford suggested that we do, but he came up with a fantastic plan to battle Toronto graffiti. He suggested that people call '911' to report it. "That wouldn't cause any bother...

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S02E24: Massimo Capra

Cookin’ up some laughs with Chef Massimo Capra. Chef Massimo comes to CATP Towers and joins Todd for a load of chat about food and fun. Join tva and Massimo...

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S02E22: Sharilyn Johnson

Things get hot with Sharilyn Johnson. Comedy reviewer, owner of the great blog, and most recently fringe performer in “An Inconvenient Truthiness”, Sharilyn Johnson joins us before we murder...

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