Sean Cullen is Stalking Me

Firstly, if you were thinking of abandoning the spectacle that is the Super Bowl and brave the elements to come to the Yellow Griffin for the show there, you best just stay in and order another Sports Bucket from KFC. ‘Riffin...

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What…Too Soon?

Still feeling a bit weary, I wasn’t sure just what I’d be doing at the Old York. Hadn’t really put my head into putting the set list together. I knew I had to be there early since Mister wouldn’t be there...

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¿Es Bueno? ¡Si!

Once again, my plan to impersonate Fraser Young was foiled. Yes, the stage was set at the Riv with him hosting, but with the others from Clambake in tow, hard to manage. We were second on the bill, after a duo that staged a fight between...

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