Dude, You Are So Awesome

It doesn't take much to be awesome. Give someone some money. Donate money to charity. Beat up lawyers and then hide quickly so that they can't see you and sue your arse. You know what can make you wicked awesome? Have your hard drive crash...

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Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

So, most folks who have poked through this blog over the years, and have scoured those of others who are of a similar ilk to myself (stand-up comic of large aspirations and inversely-proportional talent) and have pretty much pieced together that Absolute Comedy in Ottawa...

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Back to Traditions in Ottawa

So now I'm back to traditions. There are few that I hold dear, but in Ottawa, it's all about starting the weekend, admittedly on a Wednesday, after the long drive to Ottawa with a Guinness at Pub Italia. That under the belt, and...

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