Lost Your Love Of Life…Too Much Apple Pie

Who doesn’t like sneaking over the border, really? Well, outside of anyone with unfortunate to have any unpaid parking tickets, has a bag of dope in their bum, or is unfortunate to be profiled for their brown skin? I was batting 0-for-3 there, so I got to sneak down to Buffalo to do Kristen Becker’s room. Great room that I’ve not had the pleasure of doing for a while, but it’s almost a two hour drive from home, so it is explainable. The room is somewhat akin to the Riv, but with a balcony for people to watch the show. The weird thing is that while you’re looking down at the crowd in front of you, while the balcony folks are at eye-level with the same sort of awkwardness that you’d address someone standing beside you at the urinal. As much as they said I “headlined” I maintained I was the “last person on the show”. There’s no headlining. Oh, and there was nothing really wrong with going down there. It’s just that the border guards get antsy when they tell you that you’re doing shows, as they’re under the really wrong impression that we’re getting paid. Scott Mccrae, Ben Hur, and Mark DeBonis did dandy. Score four for the Canadians.

Old Man and the Lea(side)

Until he formally launches his own site, Titus Malcolm will have to put up with hosing off of my site. And YouTube for that matter. Next job in the hopper has to be getting the video up from the Rivoli on Tuesday. Titus took ten minutes and fielded all that was fired at him, from the shape of the CN Tower to riding terriers into the city. Wonder what that’s all about? I’ll post soon. Promise. Deborah Etta-Robinson and Steve Scholtz did a great job co-hosting the SketchCom night and ensured that no one believed I was their acronym-labelled upstairs neighbour that survived solely on pizza and wings. Though that’s not that far from the case.

So, Now is When You Need a Cigarette? Really?

This is how comedy works sometimes. You are standing around, minding your own business, and then suddenly next thing you know, you’ve got a call suddenly there’s a booking. Nice. So, glad I had my phone on on Tuesday night. Turns out I’d be hosting for Larry Smith and Marc Sinodinos at Hose of Comedy in Niagara Falls. Cool! Not only do I get to reacquaint myself with comics that I’ve worked with a few times before, but I’d be able to tourist it up on the Saturday in NF. Wax museum, here I come.

Dark Malcolm

Titus took to the Dark Show at Absolute Comedy Toronto for the first time. Actually it was the first time he hit an Absolute stage. Fresh from his success on the Thousand Islander IV he welcomed all questions from the crowd. Given it was the...

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Oh, Lubbie Dear…

Hey, it only takes three years apparently, but we eventually get things right. There have been some good boat shows and some rougher boat shows, but by far and away, GBL probably got the best show yet. The survey hasn't been officially canvassed yet...

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