Episode 87: Gary Rideout Jr.

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Lard Tunderin’ Bay

Normally I’ll go out of my way to do a spot, pretty much anywhere. Thunder Bay fell in my lap, so how do I refuse? Besides, I’d be on a show with Brian Hope and Andrew Evans. So, at least there’d be Thunder Bay to go and sight-see. I did this on the back of using Air Miles, thinking the flight would be close to free. Once the booking fee through WestJet was added in, I’d be making a total of $8.66. I was able to make money on the trip, but it took me winning some cash at the Thunder Bay casino. With Andrew booking himself on a different flight, Brian and I arrived on Thursday evening to find out that our flight originally booked for 9:15 departure would be delayed for more than an hour. So…off to the bar, then.

No bars made themselves available so we found our way into the Mahogany Grill bar across the street from Terminal 3, settled in for a couple of pints that, when the bill came, weighed in at $10 per pint. Of Keith’s. This would turn out to not only be the most expensive beer of the trip, but also the biggest at-once purchase. This includes an eventual car rental when we soon discovered after half-a-dozen cab rides that there is a mathematical anomaly in Thunder Bay. Any two given points are at least $20 away from each other by taxi. This portion of the blog brought to you by Enterprise Car Rental, folks who don’t giggle when you ask them, “What’s your cheapest car I can get today?”

“It’s The Nature of the Experiment” or “Comedy in 30 Tweets”

I’ve seen some really good comedy, and some really crap comedy at the AltDot. I’ve also performed really good comedy and really crap comedy at the Riv. Of the stuff I’ve seen meeting either criterion, I will hazard a guess that the spark that ignited the success/failure was an idea that started with this sentence: “Hey, the AltDot is supposed to be an ‘alternative’ room, right?” Last night’s AltDot show at the Rivoli saw me put on the fruit of my labours anchored in an at-the-same-time cool-yet-stupid ideer. Why not do a show and not be on stage in the process?

Got the idea whilst tweeting on Twitter one day (for the uninitiated, start reading about Twitter HERE. Note also, that the text below my headshot on my website is directly posted from my tweets on Twitter.) when one of the folks I follow and who follows me stated he was going to show up to the New Material night at the Riv. I’d never met this man in the flesh. I didn’t know his name. He just read the stuff I was posting, found me slightly funnier than running your toe into furniture, and decided to come out. Social networking at its best. But then I got thinking, which is usually bad, who are we kidding? Since I met him through Twitter, and I knew that there was a good chance the Rivoli was wired for it, what if I did the entire set through Twitter?

A Scarier Thought Than Anything Hallowe’en Could Dredge Up…

With the fact that I can’t get iTunes to talk to my goddamn Outlook calendar, at all, I feel like technology can go and eat me for all I care. There’s a crate of stuff out there technology-wise that has made our lives easier for sure, but when one small piece of it stops working, it gets to you like a cut on the roof of your mouth. I now don’t have a portable calendar and it’s really beginning to brown me off.

The way we interact has been streamlined as well. Personal websites and blogs fell to MySpace which fell to Facebook which now has one aspect of it displayed as Twitter. Twitter is a single line of 140 characters that you type in and have displayed. You are able to follow others and read their postings and they in turn are able to do the same with your posts. Pretty simple. You’re also able to see posts from everyone in the world (well, 20 or so folks) from around the world and see what they’re writing. I’ve even got a link-up below the pic on my site to show the Tweets (their word, not mine) that I’m making to the big, ol’ Etherspace. What’s the point? Dunno. But I find using Twitter to be an interesting creative exercise.

If you’re confined to 140 characters, what would you say and how could you make it entertaining?

Murphy’s Law is Alive and Well and Living in my Video Camera

A great week abounded in Ottawa and all I have to show for it is a full video camera. And a thousand swears under my breath.

I was able to not only make a new friend this past week in Kevin Gasior, I was also able to reacquaint myself with heli-funnyman Frank Spadone, both of whom I was able to bribe and beg onto episodes of forthcoming TVA Podcasts. Thank God for portable recording devices. You, however, may continue to curse them.