Could Have Done This In The Flat

It was about time that I did a show that I actually had booked here in Edinburgh and last night was the anticipatory evening that I was banking on. One show at Hudsons, and the other with Jim Park as part of the Electric Mouse shows at Black Bo’s. Jim was kind enough to put me up and this show I was up for. Ready to go. Camera in hand. Marvy.

Second and Goal!

Serendipity is a crazy thing. It’s not just a crap movie starring Kate Beckinsale and a hope-he-made-off-with-a-lot-of-cash-cuz-he’s-much-better-than-that John Cusack. It is that point where you realize that you’ve somehow stumbled into something wonderful and have no idea why. Thus far this trip has been better than that crap movie.


While sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, it hit me. What kind of world do we live in when I can hop on a plane, cross an ocean, and then mere hours later watch Rangers take a 2-0 win over St. Mirren. An...

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The Fest Is Yet To Come

To the uninitiated, Scotland totters on the stereotype that they are a nation of kilt-wearers eating haggis and wandering around the highlands screaming “If it’s no Scottish, it’s crap!” Obviously this is not the case. The educated among us know that the Scots have been...

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Live At Five

Only a quick one now as I'm off to watch Rangers v. Falkirk. Yesterday saw me do five shows starting at noon at The Stand...

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