Thank God for Atheists.

My buddy Rick Kaulbars posted a reference to a letter he submitted to the editor of the Ottawa Metro in the “Shameless Self-Promotion” section of the Ottawa Comedy Resource, a great frequently-posted-to site dedicated to the Ottawa comedy scene. I proceeded to get into a debate with Rick that soon spiralled into something not befitting that section of the site. You can read how far we got to by clicking HERE. Since I couldn’t stop thinking about this entire issue and my side of the debate, I decided to post my argument where it is most appropriate. On my own damn website.

There’s a new ad campaign that is making the rounds of controversy in the UK and is soon to join us over here. A collection of bus ads will soon say words akin to, and I am paraphrasing here, “There is no God, so you might as well treat each other nicely anyway.”

Well, here we go.


I was totally looking forward to this trip in that it had several things on offer that I liked:

– Long fun car ride with fellow comics (usually good for a laugh)
– Opportunity to work with old friends in the form of Russell Roy and Winston Spear
– Opportunity to work with someone I’ve never worked with before in the form of Craig Fay
– Get to perform in a place I’ve never been in before in the form of Chatham

Cut to Hour Three of the car trip:

So, They Were Drunk. So What?

So it was a decently quiet night at McVeigh’s. Eight comics, five audience members; one of which I knew (and as a result will probably now ignore all of my Facebook updates), one aspiring comic doing research on performing (and probably wondering why he chose this particular art form and not, say, ballet), and three drunk, loud, yet entertaining non-union actors.

I started the show, as you do, welcoming them all, and laying down the ground rules. It’s okay to talk during my introductions whenever I hit the stage, but the acts are off limits. Standard procedure. You’ve been to a comedy show before you know the score.

Well, that didn’t happen.

Episode 109: Will Weldon

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In the Interest of Cross-Pollination…

...and shameless self-promotion, Kaori, the lovely wife of PDF/Double-scotch Darcy was so taken by the Kevin Brauch episode of the TVA Podcast that she took time and space away from her own blog (that you should really read as well, by the way) to promote...

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