Episode 143: The Bring Back Swayzes

Welcome to episode #143 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome Bryant Thomson and Mike MacQueen The Bring Back Swayzes! In this episode, Darcy, the BBSs, and I yammer on about: - A surprisingly goodly amount about basketball - The room that once was Ginger's Tavern -...

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“Zoo Story” or “Fourth On, First Off”

There’s nothing like the motivating stench of the guilt of denial to make you suddenly turn to yourself and give the head a shake. Today’s such moment had me doing the dishes and suddenly saying, “Dude, remember when you used to blog and stuff about shows or whatever? What happened to that? You used to be cool.” I doubt the last sentence has ever held any import, but suffice to say, the fact of the matter is, it’s been busy. If you’ve ever read these things, liked them, and wonder where they went, I apologize. If you thought they were a tremendous waste of time and were happy by the reprieve from my ramblings, again, I apologize. Suffice to say it’s been a weird balancing act lately.

Episode 142: Gavin Stephens

Welcome to episode #142 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome GAVIN STEPHENS! Go to the main podcast page where you can listen online or download the MP3 file. Don't feel like downloading every week? Click HERE to automatically subscribe through iTunes for FREE! That...

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Episode 141: Marilla Wex

  Episode 141 is here with funny girl and award-winning voice actor MARILLA WEX! Join us as Marilla, Darcy and I gad on about: - The gobs of voice work that get done - Acting here and over in the UK - What it's like being married to a very...

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