…And To All A Good Night

…And To All A Good Night

After another room-killing (not in a good way) at Hemingway’s on Monday it was IT on Dundas in Mississauga, a room run by Miriam Miller. Another show with Brian Hope so at the very least I know that we’ll have fun even if we both tank. We showed up to an empty bar that eventually filled with (counting thoughtfully on hands) eight people. Nice. Jinny Allen and Shelley Marshall were also on the show and everyone did 20 minutes with 15 minute breaks in between each act…exactly. With our collective ‘In-Your-Face-Manic-Feverish-Chew-My-Ass-If-You-Can-Catch-It-Dane-Cook’ energy taking the room, how could they not need breaks? But the crowd though small were friendly and made the job really easy. Felt wonderful and would totally do that room again.

Brian and I headed back to Toronto and swung by the Christmas party at Spirits. The comedy was just finishing off with Mike Wilmot on stage and the place looked like it was trying to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most drunk comics in a room, with the previous record being Ein-Stein’s on their very busy but confrontational “Free Margueritas and Toss A Potato At Andrew Evans And Aaron Berg While They Sing Torch Songs” Night. Again, crowded but probably not able to be repeated.

Had a great time while there being able to catch up with folks I don’t normally get to see on a regular basis. Areas of conversation covered:

– The balance of career and family with Darren Frost

– The commute from LA to YYZ with Ryan Belleville

– The art of writing with Simon Rakoff

– The brilliance of the band Kraftwerk with Glen Foster (admittedly I’m as surprised as you on that one)

– The fact I can’t stop running into him lately with Peter Anthony

– Re-introductions and a dandy job done in “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” with Mike Wilmot (check it and see for yourself)

– Life and loving Toronto with Lewis Black (Yes…that Lewis Black. He’s up here filming)

Last moments of the evening came with a truly hilarious but eerily moving collection of stories with Dan Dunn, a great, big, cuddly, teddy bear that could chew you up in a bar fight if it needed to who told me some stories about his Christmases that have made me truly cherish all of mine. Look forward to seeing him and everyone else in the new year. It’s all good.

Have a cool yule.

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