And So To Sum Up…

And So To Sum Up…

Firstly, I’m a bit cheezed at Rangers. They won 7-2 and scored two goals in the 90th minute. Why does that suck? I kept trying to get the final score captured on pic at the 90th minute and kept having to get the camera out. Again, good problem to have.

Made the wat back to Edinburgh and slid into the Phoenix for the last show of the festival for me. That will make it 17 shows over the course of my time there with five alone on Friday. Crazy. This is what I’ve noticed about the festival. If you fancy sleep, you’ve picked the wrong place to be. You gather as many shows as you can, where you can, and keep driving.

The festival reminds me of a bit like the nights in Toronto when you’d have three or four shows being put on with comics running from show-to-show attempting to get stage time. I was able to do that with the thanks of many great people there. The community was great in that regard. One show I got from someone seeing two minutes of time to do, which is the good news. The interesting part is that when you go into shows, you truly don’t know what the theme is. The show that followed for me to perform at was one where there were acts dressed up in costumes, doing characters, attempting Billy Connolly-style rifs, but with small smatterings of laughter. Makes for an interesting time for regular stand-ups wondering exactly what is going on or what to do. Some shows here are exceptional, truly inspiring. Others, you need to watch through a pinhole in a piece of cardboard.

My hat goes off to the likes of Alex Lazarev, Dave Merheje, Pat Burtscher, and Sarah Donaldson who are running their show every day at 8:00pm and handing out flyers to get folks into the room. It looks completely exhausting. How can you tell? At the top of the week, I’d come down to Three Tuns and see that everyone is up and raring. By the end of the week, two to three of them would be sacked out on a couch sleeping and exhausted. If I head back next year to do a proper festival, it’ll be tiring for sure, but there’s tons of support with so many there.

Glad I went, but glad to get back. Got the AltDot Monday, Club 54 on Thursday, and it all starts again. Only one show a night? What’s that?

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