August 2011


S03E02: Trent McClellan

Down in the maze with Trent McClellan. We go through a series of left-and-rights with Trent. Join tva, Trent, and Ian as we go through the following stag-do invite list:...

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S03P02: Dan Levy

Lauding congratulations with Dan Levy. We welcome Dan onto the show for a great chat about his writing for shows, his stand-up, his early sketch days and his new album...

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S03E01B: Todd Glass

Into Part Two with Todd Glass. Comedian Todd Glass joins us for the second half of our season-opener two-parter. Join tva, Todd, and Ian as we set up the room...

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New Season of the Podcast and I Head to Ottawa!

Hey, all. Just a quick note to mention that I'm heading to Ottawa for two weeks at Absolute Comedy! The first week I'll be hosting with headliner Jamie Lissow. I worked with him in Toronto and it was fantastic. You're in for a treat! The second...

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