September 2010


S01E09: Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik comes by for a late-night chat. A Darcy-less affair, Anthony takes time out on a Saturday to come out and share some comedy at CATP Studios! Join tva,...

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A Few Podcasts and My Birthday Show!

Hey, all. Here's some updates for you on what's coming up in the next while. Firstly, there's my birthday show at McVeigh's on Thursday, Sept 23rd @ 9:00pm. That's right it's TVA's Birthday Bash for Boobies III. It's going to be a great night with...

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S01E08: Allyson Smith

Allyson Smith is the first podcast guest to join us in the new CATP Towers. Allyson takes time out of her busy touring schedule to join us and we couldn’t...

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S01E07: Steve Scholtz

Steve Scholtz joins us as part of our ongoing “Steves We Like” podcast series. TVA Podcast fave Steve Scholtz joins us in our location in the comedy bunker this week....

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