August 2009

The TVA Radio Replay 2009.08.28

In this week's BOB segment, it's another monthly episode of "Pardon the TVA". Todd and Mike on Drive FM go on to discuss the Michaels Jackson and Vick, kids getting laptops, TSN coming to Kingston along with a true full-on BluesFest! Thanks for listening! RSS...

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Big Sky and the Little Guy

The last time I performed out west was at a club called the Comedy Cave. All I remember was that it was cold, around Christmas or New Year’s, and the show was not going to go on with 10 or fewer people in the crowd. Thankfully I brought three with me that bolstered the numbers to a whopping 13, so yeah, show on. Following the two shows I had out at The Laugh Shop in Calgary, I was returning to Toronto to host a show that apparently God wasn’t really too keen on, and found more than a few truly pleasant surprises during the Harvest Fest out in Ingersoll. Yes, Ingersoll.

Episode 153: Kevin Brauch

Welcome to episode #153 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome back Kevin Brauch! This week we talk about Ping-Pong with Jay-Z, life on ICA, oysters at the Ceili Cottage and some kick-arse summer drink assemblage. Go to the main podcast page where you can...

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Episode 152: Darryl Purvis

Welcome to episode #152 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome DARRYL PURVIS! Join me, Darryl, and Producer Darcy as we take on such topics as: - What touring out west is like - The plight of watching the Jays - The perfect summer topic, the Winter...

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